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"The natural healing force within
each of us is the greatest
force in getting well”


My Story

My passion for health and wellness began in my twenties.  When my son was born he would cry

for hours and nothing would help. His pediatrician said it was normal but as a mom, I knew something was wrong. I took him to a Naturopath who used a noninvasive technique to test for allergies and found out he had a dairy intolerance that was causing severe gastrointestinal distress.  Once all dairy was removed from his diet he recovered and his gut was healed. I realized how significantly food can affect health.  This ignited a passion for learning more and I joined an integrative practice working as a patient care coordinator and learning from the best integrative practitioners.


Years later my life changed dramatically when I was exposed to toxic mold in my condo. I spent 2 years going through intensive treatments. It was a challenge finding doctors that knew how to treat mycotoxin poisoning. Advocating for myself I built a support system and team and eventually healed and got better but it was the hardest health journey of my life. After going through this journey I was propelled down the path of serving others going through their healing journey.


Our Mission Statement

To work with women who are experiencing chronic health issues like Mold, Lyme, and Autoimmune. I understand their pain having experienced all three. It takes a team along with dedicated time and energy to heal. I know how crucial it is to have good support. I want my clients to feel supported and empowered to live their best life through personalized holistic health and lifestyle coaching and functional medicine education.


Learn How To

Restore Balance, Reclaim Vitality, and Thrive

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